Welcome to Taiwan Photo Circuit 2021

FIAP 2021/261~263, PSA 2021-1377, GPU L210092

1. Results Released
2. Gallery Completed
3. E-Cert Available (Login first)

The Photographic Society of Taipei has been honoured with the FIAP Gold Plaquette
for held Taipei International Salon of Photography more than 20 times.


Opening Date: May 6, 2021
Closing Date: July 6, 2021
Judging date: July 25, 2021
Notification: August 8, 2021


A. Color Open (Only Color)
B. Mono. Open (Only Mono.)
C. Nature (Color/Mono.)
D. Travel (Color/Mono.)


547 Prizes in Total
45 Prizes per Section
Circuit Grand Prize
Salon Best
FIAP Best Author

A. Color Open 1/5
CAPA SM_Refining_Hu, Ya-tsao
A. Color Open 2/5
LONGMA GM_The floating market_Leung, Sally
A. Color Open 3/5
PSA GM_A red lip_She, Jiahu
A. Color Open 4/5
PST BM_Spirit of water ii_Tangmanpoowadol, Hansa
A. Color Open 5/5
PSTw GM_Nude yoga093_Wong, Edward
B. Monochrome Open 1/5
CAPA GM_Working m1803_Chiou, Jih-fa
B. Monochrome Open 2/5
GPU GM_Gallop in black and white_Nagy, Lajos
B. Monochrome Open 3/5
PSTw BM_Pilar_Salinas de anglada, Joaquin
B. Monochrome Open 4/5
PSTw GM_Swing in the window_Tai, Jui-ching
B. Monochrome Open 5/5
PSTw GM_Village of frozen dreams_Strapec, Michael
C. Nature 1/5
GPU GM_A table_Lebrun, Marc_France
C. Nature 2/5
GPU HM_Dusk_Thwaits, Yun
C. Nature 3/5
LONGMA GM_Wake up_Shi, Xiaoying
C. Nature 4/5
PST BM_Strong_Chang, Hsiu yingn
C. Nature 5/5
PST SM_Baby bird_Kuo, Ni cheng
D. Travel 1/5
CAPA GM_Fish_Ajuriaguerra saiz, Pedro luis
D. Travele Open 2/5
CAPA SM_Sunrise_Huang, Wen hsin
D. Travel 3/5
PST GM_Across the fires_Lo, Chin shih
D. Travel 4/5
PST SM_In the vastness of arctic 1_Agapov, Sergey
D. Travel 5/5
PST SM_Water discharge lamp_Chang, Yueh-chu