Welcome to Taiwan Photo Circuit 2020

FIAP 2020/284~286, PSA 2020-283, GPU L200091

1. Results published
2. Gallery completed
3. Catalog downloadable (Participants only)
4. E-Cert downloadable (Login first)


Closing Date: July 6, 2020
Judging: July 18~26, 2020
Notification: August 9, 2020


A. Color Open (Only Color)
B. Mono. Open (Only Mono.)
C. Nature (Color/Mono.)
D. Travel (Color/Mono.)


487 Prizes in Total
40 Prizes per Section
Circuit Grand Prize
Salon Best
FIAP Best Author

A. Color Open 1/5
GPU GM_Uncertain_Yeoh, Fendy p c
A. Color Open 2/5
PSA GM_Bicycle racing_Wang, Guo jen
A. Color Open 3/5
PST SM_Happy_Chen, Mao yuan
A. Color Open 4/5
PST SM_Happy_Chen, Mao yuan
A. Color Open 5/5
TMSA GM_Feet_Zhang, Yan
B. Monochrome Open 1/5
PSA GM_The way down 23_Habringer, Wolfgang
B. Monochrome Open 2/5
PST BM_Semporna 06_Chi, Kuo-tai
B. Monochrome Open 3/5
PST BM_Skill_Lo, Chin shih
B. Monochrome Open 4/5
PST GM_Fishermen casting nets 2_Sun, Jijun
B. Monochrome Open 5/5
TMSA GM_Memories_Chiu, Chunhao
C. Nature 1/5
LONGMA GM_South georgia 1348_Koepf, Achim
C. Nature 2/5
PST BM_A life for others to live_Hayes, Andew
C. Nature 3/5
PST BM_Graceful dance-01_Lee, Hsiu chin
C. Nature 4/5
PST SM_Quarrel_Yeh, Ching-ching
C. Nature 5/5
TMSA GM_Catch fish master_Wang, Wan-kuen
D. Travel 1/5
FIAP GM_Kuzang festival_Li, Jianping
D. Travele Open 2/5
LONGMA GM_Alone_Liu, Shengdong
D. Travel 3/5
PST BM_Small house_Yang, Kaiwen
D. Travel 4/5
PPST GM_Sea of cloud and landscape_Kuo, Mei hui
D. Travel 5/5
PST SM_New boat 01_Chi, Kuo-tai