Welcome to Taiwan Photo Circuit 2022

FIAP 2022/350~352, PSA 2022-364, GPU L220101

1. Results Released
2. Gallery Completed
3. E-Cert Available (Login first)
4. Catalog Downloadable


Opening Date: May 15, 2022
Closing Date: July 5, 2022
Judging date: July 24, 2022
Notification: August 7, 2022


A. Color Open (Only Color)
B. Mono. Open (Only Mono.)
C. Nature (Color/Mono.)
D. Travel (Color/Mono.)
E. Color Theme: People
     (Only Color)


682 Prizes in Total
45 Prizes per Section
Circuit Grand Prize
Salon Best
FIAP Best Author

A. Color Open 1/5
FIAP GM, PSA GM, PST SM╱Antarctic landscape 22╱Chan, H w
A. Color Open 2/5
FIAP GM, PSTw SM, FIAP HM╱Child and pigeons╱Siu, Kin hung
A. Color Open 3/5
FIAP HM, GPU HM╱Tricycle runs fast╱Cheng, Ju-chih
A. Color Open 4/5
PSA HM╱Clarividencia╱Molero gutierrez, Florentino
A. Color Open 5/5
PST SM╱Bull riding╱Cheng, Thomas
B. Monochrome Open 1/5
CAPA GM, PSTw SM╱A cold morning╱Tsui, Hung
B. Monochrome Open 2/5
FIAP GM╱Grace cold╱Sim, Kim-pheng
B. Monochrome Open 3/5
PSA GM╱Escape╱Ho, Yu ling
B. Monochrome Open 4/5
PST SM╱Happy childhood-02╱Lee, Hsiu chin
B. Monochrome Open 5/5
PST SM╱Hero worship╱Whitby, John
C. Nature 1/5
CAPA GM╱Colonie babies albatros╱Bacle, Jean claude
C. Nature 2/5
FIAP GM, PSA GM, PSTw Dip╱Sorry mom╱Ghosh, Soumen kumar
C. Nature 3/5
PST Dip╱Incubation 02╱Wong, Voon wah
C. Nature 4/5
PST GM╱Last stand of the wildebeests baby╱Tsui, Hung
C. Nature 5/5
PSTw BM╱To show love╱Lin, Mei-lan
D. Travel 1/5
CAPA GM, PST BM╱Blue bled╱Hurdeniz, Kenan
D. Travele Open 2/5
FIAP GM, PST Dip╱Goddess of night╱Hsu, Hsiu ling
D. Travel 3/5
PSA HM╱Pagoda of bagan╱Kwan, Phillip
D. Travel 4/5
PSA HM╱The trainstation is full of people╱Pun, Tak cheong
D. Travel 5/5
PST GM, PSTw BM, CAPA BM╱Fire dragon t5╱Wong, Weng sang